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Quantum Blockchain Share Price

Quantum Blockchain

Quantum Blockchain Technologies Plc is an investment firm dedicated to discovering, investing in and acquiring companies, assets and projects within the technology sector. It specializes in cryptography, combining advanced implementation techniques with quantum computing technologies as well as artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning algorithms for a disruptive approach to blockchain technology.

Price Analysis

Quantum Blockchain Technologies PLC is an exciting tech giant. The company focuses on research and development in the rapidly advancing world of Blockchain Technology. With a diverse product portfolio that covers cryptography, cryptocurrencies, augmented reality and e-commerce as well as several spin off companies under its umbrella, Quantum Blockchain has something for everyone. At present its stock trades at a modest yield of 4.7% which makes it attractive for investors with an appetite for risk; additionally it has a modest balance sheet and well defined growth objectives.

Company Overview

Quantum Blockchain Technologies PLC, formerly known as Clear Leisure plc, specializes in identifying, investing in and acquiring companies, assets and projects within the technology sector. Their investment program focuses on selecting start-ups in Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies sectors to develop exciting synergies. Furthermore, their R&D program is dedicated to cryptography by incorporating advanced implementation techniques along with quantum computing technologies and AI deep learning for a new approach to blockchain technology that is disruptive yet achievable.

The Company seeks to create a comprehensive ecosystem within these technologies through investments and in-house R&D initiatives. It will accomplish this through the development of revolutionary Bitcoin mining systems, while also offering access to proprietary mining hardware and software, mining pools and data services.

It is also working on several in-house projects based on quantum cryptography, including its Knowledge Graph and hardware QRNG. These initiatives aim to enable cryptography algorithms and protocols to utilize quantum mechanics, improving their security properties, speed, and processing power. Furthermore, it collaborates with institutions and startups developing quantum cryptography software and hardware solutions.

The Company is investing and developing in-house projects to create a global market for decentralized supercomputers, which have the potential to revolutionize how compute tasks are organized and executed, as well as opening up new applications such as CGI rendering, scientific calculations and machine learning. They believe these technologies will become foundational building blocks of the future Internet; furthermore, this combination provides secure and robust platforms for digital asset transactions.


Quantum Blockchain is an investment company that has launched an aggressive R&D and investments programme in the rapidly advancing world of blockchain technology, including cryptocurrency mining and other advanced applications. Their focus lies on cryptography, utilizing cutting-edge implementation techniques along with quantum computing technologies, AI, deep learning to create a new and disruptive approach to blockchain. Furthermore, their investment program involves selecting innovative start-ups from across cryptocurrency and blockchain sectors so they can work together on exciting synergies.

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QBT shares have seen a meteoric rise over the past couple of weeks, reaching as high as PS217 million, almost double their current value. But then they began declining slightly – potentially signalling that revenue growth has stopped or there could be another change in direction.

This year, QBT stock has experienced tremendous volatility – rising and then falling in price. This is an all-too-common occurrence in the crypto space as new discoveries are made daily. One such discovery was that Quantum Blockchain has now applied SHA-256 optimizations to other cryptocurrencies. This move should make mining more efficient and help it remain competitive with larger companies like Bitse Group, Vechain and Factom. Furthermore, QBT’s optimization technology suggests it could become one of the world’s top mining firms; thus giving investors reason to consider buying shares of QBT!

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