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What You Need to Know About CryptoKitty


CryptoKitties is an exciting online game where you can purchase, breed and trade cute digital cats. It has become one of the most beloved blockchain games that has helped spread awareness about Ethereum’s network.

CryptoKitties utilizes the Ethereum blockchain to store non-fungible tokens (NFT), representing virtual cats. Unfortunately, its growth has raised serious concerns about its scalability.

How to play

CryptoKitties is an engaging blockchain-based game that allows players to collect, buy and breed virtual cats. While it has a lighthearted atmosphere, CryptoKitties holds an important place in the history of the blockchain ecosystem as one of the first non-financial applications of blockchain technology.

This game is built upon Ethereum and utilizes a specially developed Genetic Algorithm (GA) that mimics real DNA. This algorithm determines how cats look by determining their background color, fur patterns, stripes and facial expressions.

To play on CryptoKitties, you’ll need a computer or smartphone, cryptocurrency wallet and some Ethereum. After those items are acquired, head over to the marketplace and purchase your first cat from there!

Breed your virtual cats to create unique and rare kittens. To do so, you need a Sire and Dame cat. Doing this allows for creating kittens with rare traits which will increase their value on the market.

Breeding CryptoKittys can be a tedious process that necessitates patience and dedication. That is why every CryptoKitty has to undergo an adjustment period after breeding.

Players benefit from this, as it means they can breed kitties without breaking their budget. Be aware of the cooldown periods for each kitty before breeding; knowing what to expect can help ensure a smooth experience.

To guarantee that your CryptoKitty does not experience a cooldown period, visit the website’s support section. They will provide you with an outline of when it is best to breed your kitten.

Another way to guarantee your cat doesn’t experience cooldown is using KittyMinting’s feature, which helps monitor their progress. This will let you know when it’s time for breeding, buying more cats or selling them for more money.

KittyMinting is only accessible to users with a certain amount of Ethereum, so it’s wise to start small and spend as little money as possible before being able to make any profit. Otherwise, you could end up spending all your coins on kitties before being able to start earning any income from KittyMinting.

How to breed

CryptoKitties is an Ethereum-based game that utilizes non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to create collectible digital cats. Launched in 2017 by Axiom Zen, it served as an early and widely publicized demonstration of NFT technology in action.

NFTs are digital tokens coded to ERC-721 standards with specific “genes,” or traits, that determine their appearance. They are then bred together by players using Ether, a digital currency fungible on the Ethereum blockchain.

CryptoKitty’s genetic makeup is determined by a computer algorithm, similar to real-life DNA. This process, known as the Genetic Algorithm, is executed through smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.

When you breed a Dame and Sire, an algorithm generates a new binary code which determines each CryptoKitty’s unique features. These include its background color, eye color, facial expression as well as stripes and fur patterns.

Some traits in CryptoKitties are inherited from previous generations, while others are created randomly. These mutations tend to be rarer than their parent cattributes, creating an individual kitten with greater value.

Once a breeding pair is complete, their individual codes are uploaded onto the blockchain and the Smart Contract creates a newborn kitten with all of its parents’ unique DNA traits. It then falls to the owner of the Dame to decide whether they wish to sell or keep their newborn CryptoKittie.

Another option for breeding a CryptoKitty is renting its dam and sire from other players for an agreed-upon fee. The rate will depend on the attributes of the kitten, drawn from its parents’ genomes by Genetic Algorithm.

CryptoKitties can also be bred with other players on the Siring market, which allows you to sell or Sire kittens to the public. This market is an excellent way to make money and boost your cat’s rarity compared to other litters.

Since 2017, CryptoKitties has seen an exponential surge in popularity. This has spawned a demand for “virgin” kitties that have never been bred before and fancy cats with custom artwork. This convergence of blockchain art and digital scarcity is an emerging trend – and CryptoKitties are at its center.

How to buy

CryptoKitties is an Ethereum-based game that allows you to purchase, breed and sell adorable cartoon cats on the blockchain. It’s becoming a trending fad that’s also earning some people some money. Before you invest any funds however, here are a few things to consider:

Cryptokitties are non-fungible tokens created on the Ethereum network using the ERC721 token standard, meaning they cannot be exchanged for other Ethereum or Bitcoin tokens.

Cryptokitties are all unique, each possessing a digital genome stored in a smart contract. Every offspring comes with its own irrevocable traits (known as “cattributes”) that cannot be altered. When two Cryptokitties mate, they send their digital genome to be coded — an adorable baby cat!

Before purchasing CryptoKitties, the first step you should take is installing a wallet that supports ether (like MetaMask). After having that installed, visit the CryptoKitties website and create an account.

Once on CryptoKitties’ website, you can purchase a digital kitten by clicking the Buy Kitty button. To do this, all that’s necessary is an account and some ether.

Once you select a dam and sire, they must also be either private or public. Private Dames cost more to breed but are less common and likely to possess rare traits.

These traits aren’t random; rather, they’re determined by the characteristics of the parent cats. Therefore, rarer cats tend to command higher prices when sold; so if you want some of the most sought-after kittens on the market, breeding may be your best bet.

If you want to invest with more serious consideration, try purchasing some Generation 0 cats – these unique creations of developers and never-reproduced pets are considered the most valuable. On average, these cats are worth 3.75% more than any other available cat on the market today.

You could also consider buying exclusive cats, introduced by CryptoKittens’ team or sold as prizes in competitions. These breeds tend to be more difficult and costly than regular Dames, making them worth trying if you want a significant profit.

How to sell

Cryptokitty is a decentralized Ethereum-based game where you purchase, breed and sell cats for cryptocurrency. It’s an exciting way to earn cryptocurrency and gain exposure in the blockchain space; however, if you want to make serious cash from selling your cats it might be wise to learn some tips first.

Before anything else, you need to understand the market. You can do this by visiting CryptoKitty’s marketplace (accessible through website or app) and learning what prices different cats command. Prices differ based on traits such as speed of cool down or rarity – the higher its rarity, the more money you’ll pay for it.

Another factor influencing a cat’s value is its generation number. The earlier the generation, the rarer it becomes; for instance, a Gen 0 kitten may only become available once every 25 minutes, while a Gen 1 kitten would only be produced once every 15 minutes.

Therefore, if you want the most for your money, opt for older generation cats that are more sought-after. These will usually have shorter cool down periods and won’t decrease in value over time.

Some of the more expensive cats have sold for more than $100,000! Be aware that some of these rare felines may only be available temporarily, so it’s essential to purchase them while you can.

It’s worth noting that many CryptoKitties are now owned by the developers of the platform, who charge 3.75% fees on every auction or siring transaction. Furthermore, any ether collected from each sale goes towards keeping the system running.

If you want to sell your CryptoKitty, creating an auction on CryptoKitties website is easy. Simply set a starting price, end price and duration for the sale.

Once your auction is set up, click “My Auctions” to view it. If you have many cats, setting up multiple auctions so they are spread out over time can help reduce the risk of one cat becoming too valuable and losing its price.

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